Machinery portfolio has an important and decisive role in the sector.An intrinsic indicator showing the power and capacity of the company. It is a prime factor to be focused as to the value and diversity of projects the company iscapable of.

Brand of Equipment Model Type
Caterpillar 336 D Crawler Excavator
Doosan 380 Crawler Excavator
Volvo 360 C Crawler Excavator
Hitachi 400 Crawler Excavator
Komatsu Gd655 Grader
Caterpillar 140 H Grader
Caterpillar D7r Bulldoser
Caterpillar 963 Crawler Excavator
Caterpillar D8r Bulldoser
Mercedes 3340 Double Drive Truck
Ford 4142 Double Drive Truck
Ford 4142 Xd Double Drive Truck
Mercedes 4440 Double Drive Truck
JCB 132 Earth Compactor
Iveco - Tractor and Low-Bed
Mercedes 2521 Water distributer
Dodge As 950 Water distributer
Iveco - Fual Tanker
Mercedes - Fual Tanker